What is the Limerick Privilege?

Volunteers are the backbone of our communities and deserve to be rewarded.  The Limerick Privilege is away of recognising the essential voluntary work which is being undertaken by extraordinary people in every Limerick town, street and village.  These people provide social clubs for our elderly citizens and youth clubs for our teenagers.  They coach our local sports teams and help with music classes and homework clubs.  They colour our communities and improve the fabric of our society.  Limerick is truly privileged to have these people serving amongst us and the “Limerick Privilege” is a special card that says “Thank You”!

How will the Card Be Distributed?

Limerick Volunteer Centre will distribute discount cards free of charge to any not-for-profit organisation in the county that requests them.  The organisations will then pass the cards onto their volunteers as a thank you for their valued service.   We anticipate that 8000 cards will be distributed in the coming months.

Plea to Limerick Business Community!

Limerick City and County Councilthe Limerick Leader, Limerick’s Live 95FM and Limerick Volunteer Centre have come together to make this idea a reality.  They are requesting that Retailers, Traders, Restaurants, Hairdressers, Cinemas, Theatres etc join the scheme.  It costs nothing to join, all you have to do is offer something special to the cardholder.  It could be 10% off or it could be a free coffee – be as inventive as you like!  Please sign up your discount by checking the www.volunteerlimerick.ie website and clicking the link.

“The Privilege” will be launched in November 2015